About Me

I write all kinds of things for all kinds of people and organisations. 

I also love the forest.


I like bikes, and riding them in the forest. That’s why I started Riding for the Great Forest.

I like to build art, furniture and structures. Occasionally I set them on fire. You can see some of this work at Firebeard.Art

When I am not writing for clients, I write articles about environmental issues and fictional novels. You can see samples of this work in my blog.

Good ideas per day

Bad ideas per day

Coffees per year

“I believe everyone has a story worth telling but some people need help with the words…”

I possess diverse Skills

I am scientifically trained and creatively minded. I view the world with my own eyes but perceive it through many. I am a self-taught digital native with a working knowledge of design, web-based systems and and digital marketing. 

I practice supporting the grass roots by nurturing their soil rather than praising the tallest blade. I have a strong environmental focus in my private life and reflect it in my working life by offering discounted rates to small and not-for-profit NGOs and doing pro-bono work for campaigns and individuals working hard to make the world a better place. 

  • Writing
  • Technical Capacity
  • Digital Strategy
  • SEO 

I get excited about words. Together we can weave a story that shapes my passion into your business.

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